logo miju1color 250x100 webA group of Aragonese capital firms is developing its activities since 1960, specialized in the production of components based on polymer materials and thermoplastic rubbers for various industrial applications and especially for the automotive industry. 
It has production plants in Spain and India and sales office in Germany. It is also part of the FOUNDATION as patron AITIIP, as a member of RUBBER MANUFACTURERS CONSORCIONAL, and collaborates on research projects with universities and leading research centers in Europe.

Our most important guarantees, our experience of over 50 years in the industry, a team of young, dynamic and international presence which allows us to sell our products in many countries, supplying directly to Germany, France, England, India, China, Tahilandia, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, directly from our plants.

We thank the trust and support of all our customers and suppliers, hoping the future will allow us to further strengthen our relationships.


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