I + D + I

i+d+i-lab-150x150In MIJU we attach special importance to research, development and innovation, considering it as a work of continuous improvement, which allows us to be at the forefront of the latest technologies. We have Labs very well equipped in all our plants, equipment for functional tests on parts, and control by artificial vision systems.

As part of our daily is the collaboration with technological centres, which allows us working together to ensure continuous improvement.

We have a complete laboratory for conducting chemical and physical tests, as well as machines for conducting dynamic tests and thermal cycling from – 70 ° C up to 200 ° C.

As a fundamental part of our products, we take special care in the design and manufacture of our molds and tooling, with software specific to studies by finite elements, and CAD CAM CAE tools.

As final assurance to our customers, we have verification systems for machine vision, dimensional checks, and detection of small defects, with latest technology systems, we have several teams adapted depending on the types of products or the final customer requirements.